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Linux Tycoon 2 Screenshot
Linux Tycoon 2 - the worlds ONLY sequel to a Linux Distribution Simulation and Management game!

Features Include:
  • Compete against other Linux Distributions.
  • Runs entirely in a terminal (play via SSH)!
  • Runs on Linux, DOS, Windows, MacOS X, Mac Classic (68k), & Commodore 64.
  • Customizable interface (UI can be moved and tweaked).
  • Full source code included (GPL).
  • Customizable and distribuatable "scenarios".
  • Create your own packages and system features!
  • Sabotage, Espianage, Random Events and more!
  • Visually design the look of your Linux Distribution!
  • More ASCII/ANSI art than you can shake a stick at!
Linux Tycoon 2 Screenshot
System Requirements
  • DOS: MS-DOS compatible (including FreeDOS & PC DOS). 640kb of RAM. EGA color graphics recommended.
  • Linux x86: Any 32bit or 64bit Linux kernel released in the last decade.
  • Linux ARM: Any Raspberry Pi or binary compatible system.
  • Windows: Literally any version of Windows from 3.1 onward.
  • Commodore 64: Any 5.25" floppy drive (1541 recommended).
  • MacOS X: Intel CPU (No PPC version), version 10.6+.
  • MacOS: 680x0 Macintosh, 1 MB of RAM, System 6.

  • Linux Tycoon 2 runs fine on a Black and White display, though color is highly recommended for the best experience.

    Boxed editions includes 3.5" floppy for DOS, 3.5" floppy for Mac 68k, & 5.25" floppy for C64.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does it run the same on all systems?
    • Yes. For the most part. Due to character and resolution differences, there are some slight differences between the various platforms. But the game functions identically otherwise.

  • Floppies? You're seling this on floppies!?
    • Heck, yeah, I am! The boxed edition also comes with a USB thumb drive with all the versions (makes it easier to play in emulators that way).

  • Why use the ASCII / ANSI style art?
    • So many reasons! First is that I wanted this game to work great on everything from a C64 all the way up to a modern desktop. I also wanted Linux Tycoon 2 to be playable inside an SSH session in a Linux terminal. Just felt right. :) Besides, I love the asthetic of ASCII/ANSI. Just warms my icy heart.

  • Why not a version for Amiga, Spectrum, Apple II, OS/2, etc..?
    • I had to draw the line somewhere in order to get this game out the door! :) The reality is, a port to a few other platforms would be possible (I've especially had my eye on Amiga and Apple II)... but in the interests of shipping I had to put those aspirations on the backburner.

  • Wait. You're selling the game. But it's also got GPL'd source code. How's that work?
    • I believe in Free Software (Free as in Freedom). And, like Richard Stallman, I believe that just because a piece of software is "Open" or "Libre" does not mean it's "free as in cost". By buying Linux Tycoon 2 you get the full source code with it, licensed under the GPL version 3. This not only ensures that the game can live on long after I've stopped working on it... but it respects your Freedoms.
Linux Tycoon 2 is copyright 2018, Bryan Lunduke.